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Below is one map describing what the earth's land masses will look like and where they will be positioned after the series of pole shifts is complete. Use your own inner Divine guidance to ascertain where you need to go to relocate by 2010, and by early 2012 at the very latest.- Ckh 02.13.2009


pole shift


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Earth Changes, Warning Signs, Indicators, What to Watch For:

Expect the unexpected, increasingly, as the shift approaches.

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Watch for an increase in:

  • Sudden large rogue waves in new places
  • Sudden Hurricanes in unusual places
  • Sudden tornadoes out of season
  • More extremes in drought, heavy rains, out of season snows, flooding, severe storms
  • Booms, methane flashes, odd underground whomping sounds
  • Disrupted cell phone, television and radio signals
  • Unusual animal behavior, disrupted migration patterns
  • Unusual increases in violent behavior in human beings
  • Increasingly severe earthquakes
  • Rising Sea Levels
  • Storm surge on coastlines with no storm apparent

The increasing activity in the core of the Earth will eventually manifest itself in ways that will become difficult to explain. Erraticpole shift weather will continue to be explained away as global warming, the result of the atmosphere heating up to cause swirls in the upper atmosphere. Violent wave action also known as rogue waves that swamps large ocean going ships and the booms from clapping air caused by under water plate movements will be lumped in with earthquake activity. The increasing incidence of earthquakes will be explained as periodic cycles, with ancient legends to support the cycle theory, or improved reporting mechanisms, implying that quakes were not recording in the past. The dramatic flashes of light caused by methane gas flares as the gas is released from trapped pockets under moving plates will be explained away as lightning. The increasing magnetic diffusion will be blamed on sun spot activity, as neither is readily measurable to the average man so the story will not often be challenged.

pole shiftDuring the months before the passage of the 12th Planet there will be an almost total interference with radio and television transmission, unless supported by cable of some sort. Cellular telephones will be useless, and due to their popularity in certain cities this will not be taken lightly. Long distance telephone calls, which invariably use satellites to bounce between points, will also become impossible to maintain. The governments of the world will be asked to explain, and will trot forth their red-faced scientists with silly explanations.

Undoubtedly sunspot activity will be blamed, and those scientists who point out the inadequacy of the explanation will be badly mistreated. Were sun spots or magnetic storms from the Sun the cause, then satellite bounce and in particular cell phone transmissions should return to normal on the dark side of the Earth, away from the Sun. Since the time until the shift is short, the governments will proffer outlandish excuses, knowing they will never be held to account.


Lately, over the past couple months, there have been usually severe storms striking the UK, higher winds than expected. north pole mapLikewise, in the US, which share the northern hemisphere, atypical cold followed by temps so warm all went out in short sleeves even in the north, although it was technically winter. This cause a series of tornadoes to roar across the US, in a belt from south to north, out of season and extreme even in season. Going into the last few months before the shift, the weather will not simply continue as it has over the past few years, with unseasonable temps and droughts and deluges unexplainable by the weatherman. It will get more so, more extreme, more out of season, more violent.

We have stated that the weather, and hurricanes, will not get more violent than man has experienced in the past. This is due to a braking mechanism that the atmosphere itself imposes, air masses only able to move so fast when pushing against other air masses and the like. However, this is not to say that if you only anticipate tornadoes in a certain season, that they will not come out of season, or in countries not yet experiencing tornadoes. This is not to say that hurricanes will not develop suddenly, rather than track across the seas and be predictable. This is not to say that snow storms will not drop several feet of snow where snow has never fallen, or that those areas reliant upon snow for their tourist season in winter find the spring flowers there instead.


Thus, tides that are related to storms such as hurricanes can be expected along coastlines. Storm surge, where water several feet higher than normal surges inland, will be experienced even without a hurricane known in the area. The earth pole shift illustatedhurricane, suddenly forming and dissipating just as suddenly, may leave its only mark in this way. Likewise, if a storm surge developed out at sea, water in the nearby areas may drop in level, temporarily. Expect the unexpected, increasingly, as the shift approaches. The rising sea level was news when it was first observed, but went into cover-up mode quickly. The oceans are rising, and the poles melting, and islands in the Pacific disappearing under the seas. Will the trend continue, and how much will coastal cities be affected? Even without storm surges hitting a coastal city, they will be inundated on occasion and to a certain extent before the shift. This will be first noticed when the sewers back up, and then when the beaches disappear. And then when normal tide and wave action simply takes out coastline housing. Wetlands along the coast will become salty, and then inland bays. In that increasing earthquake will be taking cities down, earth movement imploding cities, at these times, this will scarcely be the biggest concern.

Booms and Flashes

Booms and flashes have been on the increase for several years now
, getting in the press a couple year back. Booms as we explained at that time are due to heaving of the earth, such that an air pressure drop is experienced in one place, a rush to this place from the sides. This is what causes thunder claps, where lightning creates super-heated air, a temporary void, and the air on the sides comes together with a clap. These heaving earth syndromes can be experienced over land, or over water,Flashes are escaping methane, which lies in pools everywhere from trapped rotting material from prior pole shifts. but have the same cause. This hisses upward, lighting from some cause or other, and is a flash of light. Since earth movements are now increasing, more instantaneous, more violent, than prior years, booms and flashes can be expected to be on the rise too. Tunguska was an exception as the tundra of Siberia was lush prior to being frozen, and thus a great deal of rotting grasslands were trapped. You can expect, in future, that the frozen Amazon basis will afford such explosions.

Drunvalo Melchizadek Comments on the Pole Shift and Earth Changes

In 1400 B.C. there was a major shifting of the axis. This was recorded in Egypt, Summeria, Babylonia and all over Mesopotamia and in the Bible. The sun stood still for 20 hours. (The Bible says, "for about a day.") And on the other side of the earth the ancient Olmec teachings there say the sun did not rise for one day because it was night time there. THOTH [One of Drunvalo's guides] says it was caused not by the normal shifting caused by the precession of the Equinoxes, but was caused by Nibiru of the Nephfilim which comes by every 3600 years. It goes between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter and comes very, very close to us. THOTH says that was the time when a big change occurred.

This is all so fantastic, if it is too much for you to accept, don't. Just let it go. But I got to tell you the way I was told and the way I see it. Go way back in time when they were setting up the Christ Consciousness Grid. The hole in Egypt to set the grid. It was calculated that by the winter of 1998 we would go through the shift and at that time a few people would make it through. And this is nothing unusual. This has been tried before on other planets. When a planet is out of phase or something, they may jump them up or they may jump them down. Depending on what level they are on at the time. Or they may start them all over again. That's what happened to the Hebrews. OR step them ahead, whatever is necessary. This aspect of the experiment, and you can say it is an experiment, did not attract any attention at all. However, about 200 years ago the Sirians the Father aspect of this race became aware there was a very high possibility we were not going to make it. They knew there was an event that was going to happen August 7, 1972 and if we were not in a certain state of consciousness we were not going to make it. And if we didn't , that's it.

There wouldn't even be a bug left on the planet. But the Sirians didn't want to see that happen, because as our parents they had compassion for us. So they started looking for an answer to this particular situation to solve the problem. And there weren't any. There was no cure. There was nothing known. There was nothing they could do to get a planet of our level of awareness through to the other side of this problem. In tact. So what happened in the past meant the planet was just gone. But the Sirians kept looking through time and space for a solution. Eventually they found somebody somewhere not in this galaxy conceived an idea that might work but it had never, never been tried before. And even then they didn't know if it would work because humans have free will and can take any turn any time and go in any direction. So they assumed it would work. The Sirians then created a vehicle 50 miles long, cigar shaped, colored black. It had silicon-carbon (computer-human) based life forms blended together so the whole thing was a self-aware living unit. The crew of 350 men and women from the white Sirian race from the third planet out of Sirius B. They wore white uniforms with gold emblems. And they dedicated as much time to this project as was necessary. They also made 8 little flying saucer shaped vehicles which were robotic, unmanned, 12-20 feet across. They got all this stuff together and worked out all the possibilities and just set it aside. And waited.

What was happening on the earth level at that time is, I was lead to go to Canada to meet a man named David Suzuki. It was a whole secret connection then that was made. He is a very disciplined man in many different fields. David won the Nobel Prize in Genetics. Not by looking through a microscope but by looking out into the stars. He believed "as above, so below." He watched asteroids as they broke off and moved around the solar system. So he hired some people to watch the movements of the asteroids. Anyway, one of the things he had going was he had a team of people watching the sun all the time. They in 1950 they noticed a phenomena never recorded before in human history. Spiraling light and went past the earth very rapidly. At the earth's axis there is the precession of the equinoxes which takes place every 24,000 years. But there is the Chandler wobble every 14 months and is 72 feet. There is one very 14 years. During one of these wobbles the earth began to deviate from its path around the central sun.

[Alcyeon in the Western astrology and Revati in Hindu astrology.] At this time we were at about the furtherest point away from the central sun. The area of the wobble began to open. Which is the equivalent of a top slowing down. It took them another 14 years of study before they were certain this wobble would lead to a new north and south pole. And David Suzuki was not into Edgar Cayce or any of that. He was a scientist. An interesting note though, Cayce predicted this wobble would go 16 degrees into Russia, and with their computers calculating everything they knew, there was a spot about 15.75 degrees. Near a spot where Cayce said it would be. The difference was so small it was amazing. And so by 1964 they were pretty certain of this. They took 4 more years to watch and study to make sure this even was going to happen. He wrote a paper and sent it out to all the major governments in the world that we were going to have a new north and south pole.

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University-Based Weather Services (United States)

Appalachian Mountains
The Geology of Virginia

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